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Why Matthew Lillard was choosing for the role of William Afton?

Posted by FuntimeFandom45 - June 3rd, 2023

Your probably all know or don’t know why, Scott, Jason Blum, and Emma Tammi choose Matthew to play as William Afton in the Fnaf Movie, will it’s actually easy to explain.

Now I know when the fnaf movie was revealed it’s information last year and fans were wondering who the be the playing role of William in the movie, like Willem Dafoe, Christian Bale, or maybe Benedict Cumberbatch, which don’t get me wrong they are good celebrities, but it will kinda reveal the killing to early and could ruin the suspense and here’s why.

  • Willam Dafoe is a good choice, but he would kinda give away the killing to early, don’t get me wrong I like him and his role as the green goblin, but I feel like he would use that type of energy when he played as green goblin On William and it would be too much.
  • Christian Bale is a nice idea for him as William since he did played as Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and I do like him, but it would be a bit too much because he would also give it away a lot and too serious and give away to reveal that to early. Sure Christian did played as Batman and acted how Batman is like, but I don’t think it would work.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch is alright choice, but his looks would give it away in the movie because people will know he is the killer and sure he played as Doctor Strange, but I don’t think it work with William Afton character.

Since now many people were confused on Matthew lillard is playing William Afton, sure many people remember him playing the live action role as Shaggy and voice actor from Scooby Doo.

But if you do remember or not, Matthew played one of the Villains from the first Scram movie. He plays the character normal and good, until very soon in the movie, the killer is revealed within the movie, so if you remember watching the first Scream movie or not, you can see way Matthew was choosing for the role as William.

I know many of you wanted a perfect actor to play as William Afton, but an actor who plays as a killer through out a movie and doing the killing way early in the movie would kinda ruin Willaim’s character. The way William acts is by playing it cool and normal, until things get suspicious and very soon, William was revealed as the killer, he’s has always acted like that from the books and games and Matthew Lillard has the type of energy to play William Afton in the fnaf movie.

Now you know why Matthew Lillard was choosing the role as William Afton and I think Scott, Jason Blum, and Emma Tammi made the right choice choosing him for the movie.

let me know your thoughts about this or who do you think would actually play the role as William Afton?



tom cavanagh or antony starr would be good too