Hello friends, My name if Funtime Fandom and I would like to show my artwork like, sketches or digital art. I also would like to know you better as well, so maybe that we could be friends if that’s okay with you.


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Thanks for support on my account

Posted by FuntimeFandom45 - 1 month ago

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to thank you all for the support you give me over the past few days when I started this account. I also want to thank Skeletooth0 for coming up with the idea of starting this account. I also got to meet some great artist as well and they have done a great job with there own work. I also have plans of showing some digital art some time soon by using IbisPaint X, which I’m still trying to practice with it, but any one can give me some guide lines of using it that would be great.

Also you guys can make fan art of my oc’s when I show some of them very soon, and be sure to tag in “FuntimeFandom fan art”, and also I’ll figure out how to massage your work soon. I’m still new here.

Thank to everyone that warm my ❤️!





Always glad to help bro :D

Yea dude thanks to you, I can show my artwork to everyone online.

ahem mr. funtime, do you mind if i make a request....

Sure what’s your request

@FuntimeFandom45 ahem can you draw me hangin out with bonnie here is the link

Sure dude, how would you like it done in, sketch or digital.

@FuntimeFandom45 hmmm.... lets go digital

Alright, but it’s going to take a bit longer to do it. Your okay of waiting right.

@FuntimeFandom45 wait!! you can do digital!!!!! i didn't know that

@FuntimeFandom45 ofc man

Alright thanks man

@FuntimeFandom45 sooo uhh how's my request goin, you can do sketch if you want to brudda

I’ll get back to the soon because I was busy with Filo gift. I do hope you understand KG

@FuntimeFandom45 yeah i understand man :)

Thanks KG

@FuntimeFandom45 oh yeah i was thinkin that i was going to draw your oc when i upload cause i got whole lotta ideas for it

I see, be sure to keep us updated on that alright.

@FuntimeFandom45 mkay brudda